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Client billing formula questions

So I was wondering how this ‘profit’ thing works.

Let’s say I’d charge $100 from a client for maintenance or whatever, the way Webflow works it should be like this:

  • Basic Hosting = $15
  • What I charge = $100
  • Platform fee = $100*5% = $5
  • Client pays = $15 +$100 +$5 = $120
  • I should recieve= $100 - the credit card processing fee

Only problem is that this isn’t how it works for the current clients I charge as little as possible for, I don’t really want any profit from them, so I put $1, but I end up getting like $5. So how does this system actually work?

So this has since been fixed, by changing the currency icons. The ‘Your profit’ wasn’t supposed to be $ in this case, but SEK.

or resale)

A Few Invoicing Tips

If this is your first invoice, start with an invoice number of 1042. You probably don’t want your client to know that this is the first time you have ever billed anybody.

Mail it or send a PDF : When sending an invoice to a client, either print and mail a paper copy, or send a PDF. It is not as professional to send an invoice in an editable format like an Excel or Word document. It is extremely easy with Excel 2010 or later to create a PDF - Just go to File > Save As and choose PDF.

Terms vs. Date Due : Including the phrase “Net 30 Days” in the TERMS field means that the invoice is due 30 days after the goods are received or the services have been performed. If you think your client may not understand that, you could change the label to DUE DATE and enter a date.

Customer ID : If you are only billing a few clients, you may not need a Customer ID field. You could change the label to QUOTE # to refer to a previous quote, or you could just delete the label and leave the field blank.

Creating a Receipt : If you need to give a client a receipt after they pay the invoice amount, you can just change the label at the top in cell H1 from “INVOICE” to “RECEIPT” and add a note below the Total saying something like “Paid in full.”

We’ve automated this for you. In this template, all you need to do is select “RECEIPT” from the drop down box in cell H1 and a note will appear below the total that says “Paid in full. Thank you!”

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