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Customer billing questions

So I was wondering how this ‘profit’ thing works.

Let’s say I’d charge $100 from a client for maintenance or whatever, the way Webflow works it should be like this:

  • Basic Hosting = $15
  • What I charge = $100
  • Platform fee = $100*5% = $5
  • Client pays = $15 +$100 +$5 = $120
  • I should recieve= $100 - the credit card processing fee

Only problem is that this isn’t how it works for the current clients I charge as little as possible for, I don’t really want any profit from them, so I put $1, but I end up getting like $5. So how does this system actually work?

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This is quite simple.

So you choose the basic hosting option at $15 a month.
You want a profit of $100 or you just want to charge them $100?
The platform fee is what Webflow charges plus the processing fee from Stripe, so 5%.
The client will pay the $15 hosting fee, plus the $100 you want, plus the $5 ($100 * 5%) = $120

What you will get is the $100 - $5 (CC Processing fee) = $95 is your profit.

When you enter $1, the system will calculate for you to receive 1 in profit. If you are not looking to receive a profit from the hosting service of some of your companies, then you would just put 0 in the profit field.

Heres a short video for your review: