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Client Billing: Invoice and Tax

Dear Webflow team,

I am billing a client via client billing in webflow, but with zero profit. On the invoice which I get from webflow there is written my name, but actually the expenses of my client are not an income for me, but for webflow. So now I am asking myself how I should handle this regarding tax. For the tax authorities it looks like I have a monthly income of 20 dollars for client billing for which I have to pay tax in Germany. In my opinion the invoice should show the company webflow instead of my own company as it is income for webflow, but not for me and for that reason webflow should pay tax on this income but not me as a designer. At least I as a Designer should get an invoice with my expenses of 20 dollars hosting fees which I need to pay in order to sell it to my client. But also in this case there could be a problem if the tax authorities would charge 19% value added tax, if it is not included on the invoice which I would get from webflow.

If I missed anything please let me know. What is your general recommendation for this case?

I would be very happy to get feedback from you!

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello, for account and billing issues, please contact Webflow support directly via email support@webflow.com


Hi there,

I have the same questions as you taminoferrari.
Maybe you taminoferrari could help me, as webflow only wants to speak via mail? (Which I totally understand, since this is an sensitive topic.) But I need to set up client billing asap, so any answer is helpful.


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