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Client Billing Beginner Help


I am new to webflow and I made a site on the free plan, now i want to add a cms site plan and want the client bill for the hosting, i already set up my Client Billing account and the acount is verified, after that I selected my project and went to Billing, and now i am stuck, what i have to do at first, set up a siteplan and after that set up client billing?

When i set up the client (fill out the client info and choose the annuel cms siteplan I want) I cant click on Create Client the button stayes grey, and i dont know where I find the link, which I want to send to may client, so that he can fill in his Credit Card info, so that the siteplan gets activated?

Please need some help here, and sorry for may bad english.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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