Client (140/Mbps) Internet speed claiming slow page load across devices

Good evening Webflowers. I don’t this to be just another ‘slow site pls help’ thread, but I’ve already implemented all of the SEO strategies and optimization techniques that I know of, yet one of my clients still is experiencing site issues. I suspected that she was simply using a slow internet connection, but she sent me a screenshot of her speedtest results and claims that the issue persists on all of her devices, including desktop and mobile, as well as in different locations.

I haven’t had others I’ve shared the site with tell me anything similar to my client. At most, some of the pages take 5-8 seconds to load depending on your internet connection.

My website is I’ve compressed all of the images on my site, am only using a handful of javascript snippits, and everything is very SEO friendly and optimized. The site loads very quickly on my end (internet: avg.400mbps). I loaded the page on cellular, on incognito tabs, and on an ipad and have had no issues.

I just ran a lighthouse audit and received what I could consider to be a very high score, relative to other sites I’ve seen in the past.

Next, I used the Chrome developer tools to throttle my connection. On a fast 3G connection, the site takes about 5-10 seconds to load. On a slow 3G connection, the site really crawls… not sure if my page transitions might be causing some kind of issues?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I did everything in my power to create a lightweight site that was SEO friendly… so it’s very frustrating to hear a client experiencing issues with my site! Thanks everyone.

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Tip - ditch Google Maps, convert Youtube videos into lightboxes and don’t load 500k gifs.