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Clicking to reveal content - text is overflowing

Love the new interactions, I’m trying to implement the click to reveal hidden content interaction on my site. I have the interaction applied to a section, which has a container with two columns of text. The transition with the interaction works fine with the background of the section, but the text within appears immediately, ignoring the transition. How do I apply the interaction to everything in the section? Also, the transition is ignored completely during the second click to close the section. Here are the settings I currently have for the second click, is this correct?

can you give us your project’s public link?

Sorry, should have included the link.

When you click on About & Contact that is where the issue is.

@AnthSmith In order to make sure the stuff inside your div is hidden, you will want to use the Style tab and set the Overflow to Hidden (on the same element that has the IX)

As for the Second Click issue, this can be fixed by moving the Display: None to a second step below the Height transition step.

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Got it working now, thanks to both of you for replying!