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Interaction not initiating on load due to display:none


I’m having trouble getting an interaction to run on page load. The culprit is a heading nested within a full page container, which is set to display:none, and is only displayed when the info icon is selected in the top right hand corner, I suspect this to be causing the issue.

The desired effect can only be seen when the AboutOverlay container is set to display:block, the heading should look something like this horizontally scrolling text on here:

Any idea’s? :slight_smile:

Hi @ethanje, I would try adding a display block as the first step of the About interaction in the Areas step:

I tried that and it seem to solve that, as the first step forces the element to display block.

I hope this helps.

Hi @cyberdave, thanks for the suggestion!

I’d managed to get it to display the scrolling text, but only on first click. When the AboutOverlay is closed and reopened, it jumps to -2000 left and is static, you’ll be able to get a better idea of what I mean on the live version of the site:


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