Issue with click to Reveal Interactions 2.0

Hi everyone,

I’m having issues with the Show/Hide feature. I’m able to achieve the proper interaction when you click on “more” but when you click hide, it just pops. I want a smoother animation similar to when you click to reveal text. I tried the show/hide interaction on the hide but its not working. I’ve attached the Read Only link.

Number of things I would change here. I wouldn’t even use hide/show transition on the content area. Just use the height size transition on “VSO - Main Content” div. (it’s important to use “overflow Hidden” on this div and also do not apply any padding on this div. In lieu of padding, use margins on the content inside the div.)

On your second click settings, do not set “initial appearance” and set the first instance duration to 0

This might be easier to study. I have a similar set up on this page where it says “Advanced Search Options” :

It’s on the “Collections” page and you can check settings here:

Outstanding! I figured it had to be something simple. Thank you so much.