Click interaction to show/hide text is behaving strangely

I built three buttons on a page and want them to show/hide text blocks when the user clicks on them. I followed this video: which is now a bit outdated.

The problem is, in the video, it looks like the guy is showing/hiding a Text element.
I am trying to show/hide a text element embedded into a stylized div block.

When I first-click the button, the following happens:
-div block and text appear instantly (even though I have them set to 200ms Ease, and even tried 500 and 1000)

When I second-click the button, the following happens:
-minimizes the div block at 200ms, then it disappears from existence at about 10% height
-meanwhile, the text element embedded into it remains visible, then vanishes

I think I’m missing just a few basic interactions here.

To see the page in question, please navigate to Hidden Pages > Welcome Package.
Once you are there, please click the “Training Schedule” button to see the interaction.

Hello @troyANFT

Can you share where we can find this issue?