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Show and Hide-Text Problem (appearing immediately)


So I was following the Tutorial for Show and Hide by opening up a blank site and quickly making two sections, a button in one and a few lines of text in the other. However, my effect shows up weird: the text appears immediately when I click the button and not “growing” in height like the text element’s background and border. So the text doesn’t follow the rest of the element’s properties in that those properties properly expand from height 0 to height auto but the text immediately shows up in its entirety (not expanding from height 0 to height auto).


change the overflow to hidden on the box you are hiding.

Thanks for the reply, sstraub. That did work-but I don’t recall overflow being covered in the tutorials video. So basically your solution worked but I have no idea why :frowning: Can you or anyone else explain what happened and how this helped my situation?

Thanks alot.

I don’t think he says it in the tutorial, but you can see it is selected in this video,

I had this issue 2 weeks ago and searched the forum for the solution. Hidden just means that there won’t be any overflow and it basically will follow any animations applied to the parent class.

You can see I have this effect on my second page Products for my tabs.

I did not catch that although I viewed that video loads of times hehe.

Thanks alot!