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Click to Show/Hide Text

I am trying to follow the video for “How to Click to Show/Hide Text”, but right off the bat, I don’t have the same options. When I create a text block inside of a div block and then try to set the “interactions”, I don’t have any options to do so. When I go to the settings, I have, in this order, these things:
ID: (which is set to “for in-page linking” - NO idea why it says that…and I can’t change it
Tag (DIV) (but I have the same problem if I go to the text)
Custom Attributes - if I click the “+” there, “data-custom” appears in both boxes and cannot be changed.

That’s it. In the tutorial, there is a whole page full of stuff you can change. Not on my screen :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

Hi, the interaction panel has been moved on the far right a few months ago. There are not a lot of UI changes so don’t be afraid.

ah HA! So it is. Thank you for responding…you saved the day - again.

Okay so now I’m following the steps in the video (I’ve done it 3 times now) and nothing is hiding. For review, here is what I have done:

  1. created a text element and given it a class “hidden text block”

  2. created the button and it’s class is “button” “show hide”

  3. created an interaction “Display None on Load” and
    *set display to “none”

  4. For the button, I
    *created the interaction “Show and Hide”-
    *set it to affect different element “hidden text block”
    *set the height of the element to 0
    *set it to show ‘block’ (instead of none)
    *set transition to 0

    *created second step…
    *set height to ‘auto’
    *set it to show ‘block’ because nothing was selected (but even if I don’t do this nothing changes)

Click “Preview” nothing happens when I click the button - for that matter, the text is still showing so it never goes away to begin with.

I have followed the video 3 times now and I’m getting so frustrated. I’m sure it’s something little and stupid that I’m not doing or not doing right but I’m not catching whatever that is. I did click “Done” each step of the way.

Thanks in advance. Some day I’ll get this site done…maybe :smile:

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sigh I think it’s working…we will see…sorry

I got this to work, but I know it’s costly and time consuming, but new videos that match the current webflow setup would be tremendous to those of us who don’t just naturally figure stuff out :slight_smile:


That describes me well when it comes to Javascript (: I could wear a “I don’t just naturally figure stuff out” teeshirt (:

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