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Personal Portfolio Design

Hi guys,

I’ve been working on this on and off for a couple of months now as I’ve been so busy with other projects…

I finally got around to tidying a few bits up today, but I’m sure there is still room for improvement.

I’d really appreciate your thoughts on the navigation and layout of the site, as well as the overall tone of it if you have the time to read through. More than happy to return the favour.


I like the simplicity and the style. Good job! :+1:

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I really like it - the landing page with the liquid flowing to the flow of the website - simple and easy to navigate. the colours and interactions are smooth and soothing. makes it feel like working with you would be the same!

did you use the CMS for the projects? If so, how did you set up the next project link at the bottom?

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@JoeMillion These are things I’ve noticed when looking at your site.

Please note that these arent necessarily criticisms, just pointed out a few things as I’m looking.

  1. Great start with the background video and only allowing the user to do one thing which is to click the button in the middle. Nice and clean.

  2. Not much in terms of styling on the H1 heading. For instance you could decrease the font weight to stop it from looking ‘blocky’ and apply some letter shadowing to make it stand out a bit more. You should only have 1 x H1 heading on the page. The Skills section uses another H1 heading and this really should be a H2 with a greater font-size and +6-8 added to the line-height.

  3. Great job on the transitions and I like the red button on the iPad exploding. You should make the exploding animation longer or perhaps stop as it repeats too quickly in my opinion.

  4. I’m not sure how the page renders on your screen, but on my 11-inch laptop with a resolution of 1366 x 768 I could see the first 3 skills on one line and the fourth carried over onto a new one. You might want to create 2 x 3-column rows with the first 3 columns filled and the middle of the bottom row filed to create a downwards arrow.

Also the images aren’t centred nor are they vertically aligned which creates the impression of ‘untidiness’

It’s a real shame as the rest of the website looks great and I really liked what you did with the individual project pages. I wish I could typeset and layout brochures like that!

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Thank you for the fantastic feedback. Much appreciated.

-1. Booya

-2. Well spotted!

-3. I’ve not quite perfected that bit yet, it’s a work in progress, I wanted to have the iPad showing on mobile devices also but haven’t had the time or motivation yet. Thank you.

-4. Good point, it is actually a dynamic list, I will see what I can do with it. Originally, I did have it in the middle.

Which images are you referring to? The portfolio images? I have set it up so that it pulls it in as an image, not an image background if that makes sense? So they should be displaying at their correct size regardless of resolution… Will check it out.

The brochure was a stroke of pure luck - not even sure how I did it. Mostly subconscious. Lol.

Thanks again!!

@JoeMillion With regards to the untidy images I was referring to the ones in the Skills section with paragraphs directly underneath them.

If you keep it up you’ll surely be a designer to be reckoned with. Take care.

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Sorry for the delay

If you create a dynamic list, on the dynamic portfolio template page, you can then link that dynamic list to the portfolio collection. Then all you need to do is drop a button inside it, limit it to display only 1 item and direct the link to the collection item/s.

Also need to make sure it doesn’t link to the current item (portfolio piece the user is viewing)

Looking good, nice work. I like your project overview page in particular.

I think some of the animations on the home page may benefit from some easing to avoid the linearity/abrupt end to them.

Don’t forget your favicons! (I always do :smile:)

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