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Classes not registering

I’ve had this happen a few times now. I add a class to an element which already has a class ie: elementA =class 1 + class 2. I then style class 2 and it all appears to be ok until I go to a different page where class 1 is present and what was supposed to be the styling of class 2 has been added to class 1 completely messing up my design. If I select elementA with class1+class2, class 2 appears in the classes list but not in the selector.

The worst thing is that in a few occasions I’ve completely destroyed work that was finished without even knowing it until a long time later which makes it extremely hard to troubleshoot.

I have the same issue happen to me a lot, as a work around I create class 2 on a random div with all styles and THEN apply it. This is a serious issue and though checking and working around it has become habit I still think it’s important to fix.

Generally, the whole class/sub class structure could be a little nicer, cleaner and more intuitive but its a little thing :smile:

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