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New classes won't save


I’ve been getting this quite often lately. I’m working on pretty heavy pages and my new classes don’t save. The issue appears like this:

I add new elements to some pages, give them existing classes (or not), create new classes to edit style, save my work (until I get the check mark) and then quit the tab. Whenever I go back to my project, everything is there, including the new elements BUT the new classes (ie most of my work) are not there. I get the issue about 50% of the time lately.

Looking for a fi/tips.

Thanks a lot!


HI @bdjidi, Sorry about the classes trouble. :-/ I’m bringing this up to our dev team to see if there are any known bugs. In the meantime, could you please tell me as much as possible about your experience? (i.e. browser type/version, operating system, when you first started to notice your classes disappearing etc) Thanks in advance and I’ll be standing by for your response. -Will

Note: Sometimes browser extensions interfere with the Webflow designer. Have you tried disabling them and seeing if the behavior changes at all?

Hi @bdjidi - just wondering, how many classes do you have on your site?

A lot! 620 styles, 2057 elements, and 2 symbols across 11 page as of today. Is there any tool to clear those that might not be in use? (though I don’t think there’ll be that many).

I’m using Chrome (Version 37.0.2062.124 m), running Windows 8. It’s been been gradual, first time I thought it may have been a save issue due to the poor connection at the time but then it repeated itself a couple times and now quite often. Apart from this, my experience with Webflow is flawless!

I’ve been digging a bit more and it appears I misunderstood the issue I was having, classes DO SAVE but they do not “stick” to the elements to which they were attributed and I have to go after every single element and add all the new classes all over again. Which is painful but at least all my work isn’t actually gone. Sorry for the bad explanation.

EDIT: typo

@bdjidi - try removing the unused classes through this handy dandy tool on the style tab:


So that’s what it does!^^ Somehow overlooked the “The following styles…” thingy, sorry! Down to 431 classes, much better!

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