Classes do not differ. When I make a combo class, all elements with main class turn into combo class

Also when ı duplicate the class the main class is effected. Please help… If ı change anything at any breakpoint, the element changes at the same time at all breakpoints. It gets me mad.

Howdy @ceren_Tinin and welcome to the community :webflow_heart:

Can you provide a little content (screenshots/videos) of the issue you’re running into? Adding a combo class should only affect the component it’s added to—unless you’re updating an element within a Symbol—so that seems like strange behavior.

In terms of changes affecting multiple breakpoints, this only includes style changes—changes to the position of the element in the dom or physically deleting it will affect every screen size. To reorder content, consider using grid or flexbox, and visibility changes can be made with the display settings.

I’ll keep an eye out for some extra info on this so I can better help out :+1:

It’d be better to record a video but, here is an example. I have a gear element on my project, ı named it Gear 1… It is not a symbol or it is not inside a symbol. It is in a section- and then a container.
When go mobile breakpoint and add ‘‘mobile’’ class - The mobile class seems all of the breakpoints and webflow applies mobile style on my gear in all the breakpoints. When ı delete ‘‘mobile’’ at any breakpoint, also it is deleting completely.
Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 11.40.07

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When you add a combo class or not to an element, it is added for all breakpoints, this is normal.

Adding a mobile class to change the values of the element would be one way to do it using jQuery, but you don’t need that with Webflow.

Just change the values in mobile view: they will only apply to the mobile view.