Chunk based loading

Is there any way to do chunk based loading on webflow? Our site is taking forever to show up on the screen and have seen chunk based loading (as seen here as a solid alternative.

Though the load time for the site is longer, it comes up immediately, so the user can see the site is “working” whereas our site right now, that is not the case.

Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - PARQ]

Are you talking about the loading on a published site? If so, when I went to the version with blocking on (brave shields), the page loaded just fine. Maybe you should look at your third party script usage.

Hm, it may be. The published site is here; which may be the one causing the issue.

Really has stumped me

The way to figure it out is to use dev tools to determine where the slowdown is occurring on page load. You can then isolate scripts and the determine the impact to performance. If this is not in your wheelhouse, consider hiring talent.

The issue is that base website, not including assets (i.e., not assets or CSS) takes a lot of time on the execution stack. I don’t know how to chunk based load on webflow or I would do that. Is there a way to stagger loading sections such that those that are available in the viewport render first? Does this require custom code?

If you disable your scripts you will see that the HTML renders just fine unless you have a local network problem downstream from hosting. As I said the isolation of the issue is done using browser dev tools or if a network issue, a packet analyzer/deep packet inspection.

It was Google Optimize. The Network stack in the dev tools wasn’t that helpful, but a lot of A/B testing won out! The HTML render suggestion was helpful, after turning off JS could see it wasn’t due to fonts (hypothesized reason for slow loads for us).