Very long delay in loading of website

website is:

Whenever I enter the site there is a delay with a blank white page for several seconds as the page loads. I am not fond of this at all, as it gives the impression that the page is sluggish.

Chris I think when you are editing in webflow it downloads working files to your browser cache so everything runs smooth. It is not a reflection of how the published site behaves.

I just ran a benchmark and its BAD, its not webflow.

Thank you for the response. It doesn’t occur under webflow’s editor, it only happens under the published site. What can I do to remedy this if it is the site itself?

Run a benchmark against your website it will show you where your issues are.
This is the best benchmark site

its free.

I appreciate the help. It says that Defer Parsing of Javascript and leverage of caching are only c scores. Does webflow give me control of these items? Because as far as I am aware Webflow takes care of all coding for the website.

Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 1.41.11 PM Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 1.44.19 PM Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 1.44.26 PM

Yes all coding is done by webflow.
As you can see there is a lot of work to be done.
I have not looked too closely at your website as it would take a lot of time.

From what you have posted above you have a lot of plugins or extras enabled, do you need them?

Look at the waterfall and see what’s taking the time.

This is my current portfolio website I am working on as you are probably wondering what my results are.

Thank you! I appreciate the help!

If you want more of an 1-1 to speed up the process, exchange views and knowledge you can hire me.

If that is of interest then PM me.

i have this problem too my site is :

Is there anyone else that can help with this? This was a template purchased from Webflow, and the owner has since removed the template. I have searched for the js. that is holding up my site from loading everywhere. It doesn’t seem like a slow site issue, it seems like there is a purposeful delay in the loading of the site. I know when I first purchased it, there was a graphic that began with the start of the site. I removed the graphic, but now it is just a white screen. Is there another location that I am missing that js. can be placed in?

you going for the hi-score?

I have increased my score dramatically, and can pretty much deduce that this isn’t the problem. Is there anyone able to help me with this issue? It seems to be something related to a pre-loader.

For instance. I have had the site load in 1.9 seconds on the GTMetrix site. I have clocked the white screen to be loading for 4-5 seconds before my website even opens.

Well done on doing that, until things like what you have done are corrected you can not home into any underlying problem you may have, especially with speed.

I will take another peek and see if I can spot something or at least stop it happening.

Cant really see anything that stands out any more than it did before like interactions etc.

So last tip from me is to delete sections or elements and publish on temporary until you zoom into the part that is causing it.
Not sure if there is something in whilst scrolling so try removing all of them and so on.
You can always undo.
PS DO a BEFORE BACKUP before you start anything.
Did you say this was a clone or template?

Out of curiosity, What kind of scripts do you have running? Depending on the scripts you are running if they are in the “head” tag they can cause this kind of behavior, because the script has to finish before the rest of the site can load. I glanced at the individual page settings, and didn’t see anything abnormal, but there could be some kind of code or script causing this under the “Custom Code” Section in the project settings causing you some grief.

Site looks beautiful by the way. Great Job!

I figured it out! It turned out to be the Google Optimize Container ID under Integrations in the Site Settings. I removed it (I don’t use Google Optimize anyway) and voila the site is loading normally.

Well that is good news, I saw from the start you had lots of extras.
Now you got a good score index and a site that loads as it should.
Good for you.