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HTML5 Video Won't Play In Safari [Dropbox Hosting Issue..]

I wish Safari would play nice like Chrome and Firefox… :frowning:

I’ve left the site with the modal open so you can easily test the site on safari.

Again, no idea what to do, looked in forums here and everywhere… Looks like I can add some ‘code’ but I saw it all related to ‘autoplay’ and background video.

Just want it to have ‘preview image’ and ‘play video’ like on Chrome!

Any help would be much appreciated!! Thank you!

Test Site :
Read Only :

Alright, hopefully this helps people who host videos on dropbox and are embedding HTML5 Video.

Here is the simple code to use if using dropbox links, of course need to paste your own ‘dropbox’ link.

The end piece needs to be : ?&raw=1

I had : ?dl=1" which does not work on Safari for some issue…

Hope this helps!

Can’t figure out how to paste code in this forum… Sorry… Included photo here :


Surround the code with three back ticks, each on it’s own line.

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