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Chrome for Android + Navbar & Click Interaction Issues

Having issues with Chrome for Android and navmenu, any javascript, etc… Default navbar and click interactions are not working… I thought it might just be something I’m missing with z-index stuff or something while building out a show/hide interaction that expands/collapses a search field in a main nav but nope…

Even a default “navbar” dragged into an empty page, on a completely different site such as the one below is not working. The dropdown button or custom click interaction do nothing when clicked. I can only replicate this on my Android mobile phone… Those same interactions or default hamburger/menu buttons work fine on Chrome on my Windows desktop machine.

I noticed Google seems to be pushing updates to Chrome for Android recently as the interface/layout has changed… wondering if that has something to do with it?

P.S. These shares above are pretty worthless, they are literally just navbar dragged into an empty page…

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Hi, @Mogeek!!

Thanks so much for reaching out about this. I did some testing on my end and this is working on my Android devices.

I also tested it on quite a few virtual devices and couldn’t reproduce this.


What Android phone are you using? What version of software is it running?

I’ll be looking forward to your response so I can investigate further! :smiley:

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Right on, thanks for looking into it. It was an intermittent thing happening across a two day span but it is indeed working now. Not sure what was going on but I appreciate you guys being thorough and using your time to take a closer look.

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Just glad we could help! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need something else!

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Hi @rileyrichter,

I think I’ve found out why I’m having these random issues above… Apparently Jquery isn’t loading for whatever reason, then will load sometimes? Am I reading this console log right? I’ll defer to the pro’s here, you might have an idea as to why that is happening.

Apparently there were some other semi-recent issues with this as well that never materialized into a concrete answer, just a heads up.

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