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[Chrome, Firefox] backface-visibility: hidden and fixed background

On Chrome and Firefox - the images are gone.
On Safari its perfect.

Anyone else having this issue?

Me too, i have problem with fixed images in Chrome, and sometimes in Firefox too

@brryant @danro - is this a known bug?

found it. it’s a known webkit bug:

The answer is, remove the -webkit-backface-visibility CSS property:

more info on this property here:

EDIT: to fix it … wait for @danro to push a fix.

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Hi all, thanks for catching this.

Please avoid any !important styles in the custom code, if possible.

We’ll push a fix immediately.

thanks for the quick fix =)

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Ok, the background issue should now be resolved! We had a bit of trouble with backface-visibility and our IX animation system.

Please be on the lookout for any IX related bugs, thanks!

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