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Fixed photo in slider! [Firefox and Safari]


I have done some test with my web, and i see to have some problem in Firefox and Safari with fixed photo in slider… the first photo in Slide 1 its ok but when you slide to Slide 2 or 3 i see just a white background.

Any help its appreciate it.

@danro @thesergie


Please share public link + published website so we can take a look.

Hello @bartekkustra

This is not my website i have done a sample but i have the same problem :smile:,
if u test it in Firefox and Safari will see the problem in Slide 2.


Public Link:


You should not use fixed background on sliders.

Why we cant use it… i don’t think its normal, this features work perfect in Chrome, why to not push a fix in Firefox and Safari too…waiting a feedback from @danro


Thanks @Deni_1990. Fixed backgrounds have very strange browser support… some things only work in Chrome, while some things only work in other browsers! We’ll take a look at this and see if anything can be done.

Hello @danro

Thanks for you feedback, sure i know its not easy, please take a look to this slider, everything works perfect in all the browsers, maybe this can help you.

Thanks again for the great work!