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Backface Hidden Not Working

I’m trying to make a card flip effect and I’ve seen tutorials on how to do it but one step in the process is to rotate the back of the card 180 degrees and go into transform and turn on “backface hidden”. When I turn this function on, it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve seen several forums talking about this glitch but I haven’t seen a fix for it. Am I missing something? Please help.


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I have the same problem! It seems like Safari doesn’t support the blackface-visibility:hidden CSS value Webflow is using. Safari needs the -webkit-backface-visibility:hidden in order to have it work. I can’t figure out a way to approach it in Safari and I didn’t find the possibility to add custom CSS values to an element in webflow :confused:
It’s super sad, please help us! ( @danro i’ve seen you included in another conversation about backface not working on Chrome/firefox because of a bug in your guys’s IX, maybe you can help? It’s that there’s no single reply on this thread. I can’t be the only one facing this problem :confused: )