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2016 Webflow bug still exists: fixed background image on touchscreen devices

See this thread for the background.

The issue here is that it’s enabled on some touchscreens, disabled on other touchscreens.

Webflow Designer Preview on Chrome 73 (Windows touchscreen): working
Live site on Chrome 73 (Windows touchscreen): broken
Live site Chrome 72 (Chrome OS touchscreen): working

Hey @Brian_M_Fromknecht we actually have some javascript in place which prevents fixed backgrounds images from rendering as fixed on touch screen devices. We do this because there are some known repainting css issues caused by fixed background images on elements (it’s also really heavy on CPU’s).

Further, it actually loads and scrolls with zero flickers…on a $200 Chrome OS laptop (Acer R11).

  1. Has this bug been revisited recently?
  2. The “workaround” does not quite work for two stacked images.

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Bug Commentary: For what it’s worth, this kind of behind-the-scenes scripting that disables features should be stated clearly. A “known CSS/HTML/JS issues” page would go far for Webflow. There’s a lot of wasted time troubleshooting on our part when Webflow intentionally disables a feature on some devices.

Not to mention…the disconnect between working in Preview and broken on the Live site on the same browser. You can have two tabs open on one browser on one system with different behavior. That’s bad UX. :frowning:

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