Webflow and Stripe connection

Hi guys

does anybody know of any step by step guides to connecting Webflow and Stripe?

I’ve connected the account up via Webflow Eccomerce and the Payment tab and all seems connected however when I’m testing to buy something on the checkout page and hit the place order button nothing happens.

Does anyone happen to know why that would be or what else I need to do for this?



Do you have enabled check-out?

Yeah! The button appears clickable after all card details are entered but then nothing happens

Screenshot 2020-12-04 at 12.33.18|690x121

Whats the price on the item you are testing with? Minum valye for stripe is 0,5 dollar


Do you know if anything else has to be followe don the Stripe side once youve connected the account in the webflow ecommerce section?

Be sure that the Stripe account is not running as Demo