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Checkout Button doesn't work without shipping, billing and shipping method info

Hi there! :slight_smile:

I am creating a conference ticket site, where I have an Ecommerce plan activated. All my products are “Services” and doesn’t require shipping.

I would like to create a checkout-flow that’s simple with least possible friction for the customer.

Therefore, I would like to exclude “Shipping Information”, “Billing Information”, and “Shipping Method” from the checkout-flow, so there is only “Customer Info / Email” and “Payment Information” left.

I’ve already set “Checkout Form Settings” to “No shipping” and “Hide Billing Address”. Furthermore, I’ve set conditional visibility for the “Shipping Information”, “Billing Information”, and “Shipping Method” blocks to “Requires Shipping → On”.

When I publish the site to our sub-domain ( domain), I can’t see the “Shipping Information”, “Billing Information” and “Shipping Methods” blocks, which is good.

The problem is now that nothing happens when I press check-out…

I’ve tried to do this with an active credit-card and it still doesn’t work.

Apparently it works when “Shipping Information”, “Billing Information”, and “Shipping Method” blocks are shown and filled out.

I’ve read this other post: Checkout button does not nothing

But it still not seems to be fixed. Is this a bug in Webflow or am I doing something wrong here?

Hope you can help me out! :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: [Webflow - Ecommerce Festival]