Confirm Order Button not reacting?

Hey guys,

I was currently testing my ecom site and everything worked up until I wanted to confirm the order. Clicking the confirm order button on the checkout field does nothing…

I have:

  • connected Stripe → in Live mode
  • connected PayPal
  • shipping setup for (more or less) all countries
  • activated checkout in WF
  • have tried different devices & browsers

Ive now taken out all but 1 product and set its price to €0 and hopefully somebody can test it and understand what is going on? Am I missing something or is WebFlow just making a mess currently?
Password: pleasehelpme2023

Thanks guys!

additionally, you will notice that even before filling in your customer data and clicking on the buy now button, the error messages are not triggered either… @PixelGeek any idea?

Okay for anyone else experiencing this, the solution was:

  • do not set the shipping selection to conditional:hidden
    I only have 1 shipping method so I didn’t feel like I wanted to show the shipping method at all. But Webflow doesn’t like that