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Checkbox categories for CMS

Hi, I am currently making a website for e-liquid products. I would like to display the 400+ flavors that are available but want to have filters for the different types of flavors - such as “fruity” or “dessert” - in the form of checkboxes that the customer can select or deselect. I believe the best way to do this would be to have these check boxes interact with the CMS files.

An example of what I am looking for is on
If you look to the left side of the screen you can use several filter options. Does anyone have a good method to replicate this in Webflow with the CMS?

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I have a same question, too.
Is there anybody to answer this one?
I’m really tired of uncommitted Webflow support team.
Seriously, unhelpful!

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For now, webflow eCommerce missing these features. No way besides using JS libraries like mixItUp (Complex but will work).

Thank you so much for the reply.

You find a lot of tutorials about webflow mixitup (google or search on the forum). But this is not so simple libary (Especially in your example there are lots of filters). You should know a little JS.