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User hide/shows collection items with a checkbox: methods?

Hello- this topic is related to users being able to filter collection lists. I can get by with this simple interaction:

I have a collection page for a brand of t-shirts, pants and shoes. This page has a menu with checkboxes for t-shirts, pants and shoes. If the user selects or deselects a checkbox, the collection list will toggle conditional visibility for the appropriate tag.

I am asking the community how they would build this feature. Ideas:

  1. I could hack it with tabs and different collection lists, but this is not a robust method if I want more than one tag, like color and price.

  2. I could port the entire site to Shopify and use a plug-in like:

  3. Is there a way to use javascript to associate checkboxes with the conditional visibility feature?

  4. Is there a webflow plug-in that supports this feature?

  5. [Insert your method here]

Thank you!

Here are some plugins you can consider:

Otherwise you’ll have to roll your own plugin/custom code.

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