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Check form entry against collection database field

Hello, hope someone here can help me a little. Here is what I need to achieve:

I need to create a collection template. When the page loads an overlay will hide its content. The overlay has a form text field and a submit button, and visitors are requested to enter a confirmation code. (This confirmation code is added to a collection item when creating the collection item)

Once the correct code is submitted, the overlay will disappear to reveal the page content. If an incorrect code is submitted an error message will be shown.

My thinking is that this may be possible with a little JS that checks the code on submit, and then prompts an interaction or just assigns classes.

Would that be possible and if so how? I guess that the custom code can be part of the JS by adding it to the collection template’s Custom Code area. (I know that this would not be a ‘secure’ implementation since the confirmation code would appear in the source code, but that would be ok.)

Many thanks for any help here.

Yes this is possible using custom code. Please provide more details using this form and I’ll get back to you.