Dynamic URL on form

I’ve made a form where a user inputs a 4-digit code, and ‘submit’ appends the code to the end of the URL and takes them to that address in a new tab. I have that setup, and it works fine.
Now, the client has asked if the code can be matched against a list of codes. If it doesn’t match, display an error. If it matches, each code has a unique URL she wants to open in a new tab.

Any ideas of a good way to do this, preferably where the client can update the dataset easily in the future?

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - ATV Bridge)

The CMS isn’t very suitable for this due to the 100 collection item limit in lists.

I’d build it using AirTable as a data store, and a Make.com automation that finds and retrieves the code-keyed record you’re wanting. You can design that automation to return a webhook response with a 200 + the JSON ( and redirect URL ) on success, and a 404 on not found.

In your page, the most certain way to integrate with that is to write a piece of script to call the webhook, and handle the response ( show an error, or redirect on success ).