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Move webflow form into custom code and post to Webflow Form Submissions

Hi there,

My client wants to collect email addresses in Webflow Form Submissions, but they want the form placed inside of a Collection list after (n) products.

So, I’ve duplicated a styled webflow form block and added it into the CMS via custom code as below:

$(document).ready(function() {

$('.hs_products_cards_grid_container .collection-item:nth-child(8)').after('<div id="call-to-action" class="hs_email_section_collections"><div class="em_centered_class w-container"><h2 class="cta_heading_em">Subscribe to be first in line for hand-picked brand news and the latest product arrivals.</h2><div id="wf-form" class="form-block w-form"><form id="wf-form-email-form" name="wf-form-email-form" data-name="wf-form-email-form" class="form"><input type="email" class="text-field w-input" maxlength="256" name="email-input" data-name="email-input" placeholder="Enter your email address" id="email-input" required=""><input type="submit" value="Subscribe" data-wait="Please wait..." id="email-btn" class="cta_button_em w-button"></form><div class="success-message w-form-done"><div class="text-block-em">Thank you! Your submission has been received!</div></div><div class="error-message w-form-fail"><div>Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.</div></div></div><div class="em_cta_p">By entering your email, you agree to receive marketing emails from Handshake.</div></div></div>');


The form works outside of the custom code injection, but not inside. The form just won’t post the data to the Form Submissions database, it just refreshes the page, but captures the data in the url.

Is it possible to use the webflow forms submissions database when duplicated in custom code? Or would I need the action / method attributes in this case?


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NDS unfortunately.

You can use Zapier or Integromat to accomplish this.

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Yea, was hoping there was a way to get webflow to recognise it but will just setup own processing. Thanks anyway.