Form hiding and page content appearing after the form submission

Hi guys, need some help with a simple line of custom js code.

So first I have a webflow Form that is on the top of the page and the page other content is put on display non as a default stage. What I need to do is simply hide(display non) the Form once it’s submitted and appear(display block) the page content.

Thanks in advance!

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Do you really need custom code for your page? Why don’t you add the page elements you want to display inside the form success state?

@Gail_Ranger thanks for the replay bro. The reason is that I will have all the page content in the rest so I can’t build all the webpage inside the success block ))

I believe this one can work, just need to change the trigger elements but the logic is the same. Putting js action by the form submission.

In that case you can set a class on the elements you want to display and use js to toggle the display once the form submit is fired.

Exactly, I’m just not super familiar with js but with this example, I believe I can simply toggle the elements I need. Thanks