Changing *text* (not design) on mobile views


I have designed my site (took nearly 6 months!), and now I’m trying to design the mobile and tablet views.

I want to change the text in the mobile view.

For example, in the desktop view, it might say “Hello there, welcome to my site” but in the mobile view, I just want it to say “Welcome”.

Is this possible? It seems if I make a change in the mobile view, the desktop view changes too.

Also, is there any video tutorial about how to work with responsive breakpoints and views?

Thank you for your help.

Hi @meadow.

What you are trying to do is change content, but not style. And unfortunately YES, it will change on all devices.

For get the result that you want, you can create 2 text elements, one for desktop/tablet view, another one for mobile view, and make them visible only on devices that you want, by using this option on the settings panel

About creating responsive site, I think this video could help you



Thank you @sabanna !

Your reply was very helpful. I didn’t know that option you kindly highlighted in the screenshot existed.

I will have to do it the way you suggest.

I will also look at that video.

Thanks again.


only way to change the content is to develop
1 div for the desktop and a 2nd div for mobile.

Show the 1st div - hide the 2nd div on desktop
Show the 2nd div - hide the 1st div on mobile.

Edit. @sabanna is correct. basically them thing I said… she’s another person with faster than I.


Thank you @Revolution for such words in my way :smiley: I would prefer to call us “heroes with different superpowers” LOL

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Yes, thank you both! @Revolution


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