Desiging for mobile, if edit mobile, will change desktop


  • Background video: If I change the text on the tablet, horizontal mobile, or vertical mobile, it changes in desktop. How can I adjust the size for the smaller screens without it adjusting desktop view?
  • “Services” how do I stack these so they are vertical on top of one another? Need help in tablet, mobile, and vertical mobile.

Mobile Vertical

  • Customer stories: in vertical mobile, how can I get the section to be longer to show the entire quote?
  • Give Us a call: in mobile, both horizontal and vertical, the text field in the form will not change sizes despite when I adjust them to 600 or 100 pixels wide.

Thanks for your help with this!

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What do you mean by “changing the text”? Like changing the actual text? Making it say something different ? Changing what the text says is changing things in the DOM, in the HTML code, i’t not at all related to CSS, breakpoints and all that stuff. Only what’s CSS can be changed between breakpoints.

Changing the STYLE of your text in the vdo bg section on a lower breakpoint doesn’t change it on the upper ones (just tested on your project in case of).

Hi Deveney,

Is this a duplicate question?

Yes it was, thank you for helping out!

I just encountered another problem. I was editing my hamburger menu and and turned the desktop into a hamburger menu as well. I only need the hamburger menu for tablet and mobile. Thanks for any advice!

change this option

Thank you for your help with this !!!