Mobile troubles: content changes on desktop when I adjust mobile

Hey community! Looking for help with any issues below. Thanks in advance!

  • Background video: If i change the text on tablet, horizontal mobile or vertical mobile, it changes in desktop. How can I adjust the size for the smaller screens without it adjusting desktop view?
  • “Services” how do I stack these so they are vertical on top of one another? Need help in tablet, mobile and vertical mobile.

Mobile Vertical

  • Customer stories: in vertical mobile, how can I get the section to be longer to show the entire quote?
  • Give Us a call: in mobile, both horizontal and vertical, the text field in the form will not change sizes despite when I adjust them to 600 or 100 pixels wide.

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Hi @deveneywilliams,

let me know if this helps.


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Keiran, THANK YOU! Wow, what kindness from across the world over the web! These edits helped me out and elevated the site. Thanks for the two edits at the end as well! I was trying to figure out how to make the image not look the tiled effect. And the background video did not show the scroll bars on my end, which is strange, but it was on that overflow mode. Thank you for all you help!!!

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe as well in these crazy times.

Sending much love and gratitude from Boston!

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