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Changing Text from Desktop to iPhone

On the Desktop site, I want to write in the opening paragraph, “Learn more about this awesome product which you will love and find super helpful blah blah blah.”

For the mobile site, I want the paragraph to only say, “Learn more about this awesome product.”

Do I need to create two separate paragraph elements and then only show the longer one on desktop and only show the shorter one on mobile?

Or is there a simpler way to edit the longer one and then tell Webflow to only show the edited version on the mobile site?

There is. Select the text in your paragraph that you want to hide for mobile. Click the brush icon that appears in the popup up menu. It “spans” your text, wrap it into span elements. Once this span selected, add a class name, select the mobile breakpoint you want and click on display:none. If the text isn’t in a full consecutive block, select another block, click the brush and add the same class name, and it will respect the same rule.


Thanks very much. I appreciate it. Worked like a charm.

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