Editors publishing dev work to their live site

I came across an issue recently whIch I thinks warrants a query with Webflow admin.
I’ve been doing behind the scenes dev work on a website that is currently live. Any work I’ve been doing I would publish only to the Webflow dev domain and share this with my client.
Whilst we were undergoing these dev changes, the client published a blog post to their live website using the CMS. Because there is no option in the editor to select which item needs to be published, they unintentionally published my dev work to their live website (which they were understandably unhappy with!) . The only option was for me to go back into my Webflow dashboard and hide the dev work and publish again to the live domain. Surely there is a better process around this type of scenario?!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

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Would be nice if there was but there is not. You have to factor that into your workflow.

Thanks for your response. It reflects bad on Webflow that something as simple as a dev and live environment can’t be separated by CMS editor access.

try: https://stacket.app and select a dev branch in your settings :slight_smile: @Bammedia .

With this, you can always check the dev environment, if good, make an Pull Request and Merge to master and go live.