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Working With Test Sites & Live Sites with a Client

Dear Webflow Community,

I’m curious: How do you work with Test Sites & Live Sites when performing updates for an existing site with the client? What’s your best practice?

This is how I do it:
• I set up a Testpage ( or another one of my domains) and publish changes there.
• The client can access the Testsite with a Password
• In the meantime the client is not allowed to use the Editor / CMS
• When everything’s approved and accepted I click the other Checkbox in the Publish Field for it to go Live

There is one huge UX-UNFRIENDLY THING here.
If you accidentally (or the Webflow system itself set’s the checkbox to the original domain) click the checkbox of the original domain, the changes will take effect on the live side!
…… Then things can start to get into trouble especially when dealing with bigger client’s who always want a release first.

I Mean: You can jump back and make a backup but… come on, isn’t there another way to do this?
The two checkboxes are definitely to close to each other!

How do you deal with this?

Thanks a lot,

I only select the one I want to publish to and double check before clicking the button. There is no workaround if using both and a custom domain.

Yeah I know. I also do the double check for sure. But sometimes the checkboxes get automatically selected from Webflow. Then you need to uncheck them. I’m sure it would be a great improvement for designer-client relationships, if you could set the site into a more “Test-friendly” setup. Or if it would be possible to deactivate publishing on the Live-Site with a passcode or something.