Changing order of cells inside quick stack

Hi! New to Webflow here :smile:

I’m testing out the new quick stack function. On the surface it seems neat, but I can’t find a way to change the order of the cells inside the container. My intuition told me to drag the elements in the side panel, but it didn’t work. Tested it with a flex container that wasn’t quick stack and it worked as expected. Is there another way to change the order?


hi @Sindre_Skoglund-Hans did you read the documentation for this new Quick stack?

  1. Quick Stack is a grid
  2. grid cells are predefines as flex

I think this is explanatory enough as to why cells can be moved around but only elements in cells.

Yes I read it, but the two things you are outlining are not making this situation more clear to me :sweat_smile:

When writing normal CSS you can change the order of elements inside a grid container, I’m just wondering if that is possible to replicate with quick stack.

hi @Sindre_Skoglund-Hans when you check the differences between standard Grid and Quick Stack you will find that there are things that are not editable or missing. Like span (hardcoded) missing position option (auto, area, manual) etc etc. Is just another very basic and pure IMO useless prebaked element. :man_shrugging:

Ahh ok, I guess I’ll stick to standard grid then :sweat_smile: Thank you!