The new Quick Stack element used as tables, it's nearly there!

The new Quick Stack element is a really nice feature! It’s actually very close to giving us table functionality in Webflow with just some small extra features:

  1. I really miss the ability to style all the cells in a row as one group, to get better visual separation between the rows (like tr:nth-child(odd/even) in table rows).

  2. It would also be very nice to be able to set a default style for all the cells inside a Quick Stack element so that we do not need to apply a class on every cell added with new rows/columns in the table/Quick stack.

  3. And the big bonus: please let us have a dynamic table element, with the ability to populate tables from collection lists, a table element field in collection items, tables in rich-text elements, and let clients add/remove/edit rows from the Editor (both in static pages and collection items).

Please vote for tables in the wishlist!