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HI All, So webflow released Quick Stack as I’m halfway through a site I’m working on. So I decide to try it out instead of the grid. The tutorial says it’s just a grid with a Div (cell) set to flex, but it seems there are a few functions missing in the cells. I can’t hide the overflow, I can’t change the cells position to relative, absolute etc. I can’t change the order of the cells like you can in grid. Am I missing something? or should I just go back to the grid?

Thank you!

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I have to admit I tried quickstack, but quickly realised it was missing key features of grid, so I reverted back to Grid. For example, reposition column 2 on desktop to row 1 on mobile.

It’s a shame they’ve buried Grid right at the bottom, as I feel it should still be considered a key component.

I guess Quickstack might have some uses, but its to for me.

Thanks Graham, So it’s not just me then! Thanks for the reply! I had the same issue on mobile so I’ve gone back to using the grid for now.

@Aaron_Capture This is probably coming a bit late but you can somewhat change the order of cells in a quick stack. (Although it’s not drag and drop) like grid.

  1. First you click on the cell you want to change the order of

  2. At the top right of styling panel you’ll see CSS properties group called “Cell Size”

  3. Within Cell Size you’ll see the CSS property called “Order” which has options like none, first, last and then custom order

  4. Press custom order and write the order number of the cell until you have the ordering of each of the cells you want.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks Rob! Better late than never!

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I don´t see the order property under cell size. did they remove it?

I also do not see the Order property under Cell Size. I simply need to switch the content and it doesn’t seem possible in Quick Stack. Help!
Screenshot 2024-02-17 at 2.42.55 PM