Changing DNS setting


I was in the process of setting up a custom domain. Originally, I saw this post and began to set domain DNS to A: and couldn’t get it to take second“”. My registrar walked me through creating subdomains (2 Ns+ 1 www for CNAME) or “glue records” and then I was able to set two DNS Ivp4s and CNAME. A review per website’s hosting info here. I was informed that the two A servers were A: and I updated the DNS settings on the domain and called my registrar to verify A server info updated. I was informed that the subdomains were redundant, “to delete them” and that once A servers are in place the subdomain (“www”) CNAME will no longer work on their end. That, I have to set it up with the host.

Website host info has since updated again from and to and “ - which are correct?

Per host’s instruction, I deleted subdomain (www) containing ( - Does disenabling SSL remove this road block?

They still want to launch, after propagation will the ORL still work?

Now, I’m just waiting to propagate…want to be sure all info is correct.

Is there actual phone support?

Thank you.

You mentioned a lot of details, but you left out the actual domain name, so I am unable to investigate further.

Hi Samliew,

Sorry for the delayed response, I’m returning from a bad viral infection. Domain name is driverlessfuture. Thank you!

You have no CNAME set up, and the A record is not pointing to and (assuming you enabled SSL)

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