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Changing colour of text links

Probably a really easy one for people that know this software. I am fairly new to it and cannot find out how to change the colour of linked text. The default is the standard underlined blue link which turns to purple once clicked. How do you change it on individual pages?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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double click on it and name it a class. This should allow you to color them what you want.

Thank you for the help but I seem only to be able to change the colour of the initial linked text but not the colour after you have hit the link. The default is purple as shown here in the screenshot. You can see the link above is not the standard blue but now yellow after I did what you suggested.


Not to worry I have figured it out or at least I think I have. Its all to do with the hover, pressed and focused additions to the class isn’t it?

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