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Edit Text Links

Maybe I’ve just missed something but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to change the Text Link from Text Link to something that actually describes what I’m trying to link to. When I add a text link in my footer it adds “Text Link” giving me the options where to link it to… but not to change what it says.

I believe you have to double click the text to edit it. Then you can type what you want.

So it appears you are correct. Its just really hard to tell with such a small font and dark color. Any suggestions on how to change the link color now? :smiley: I can’t seem to change the color or add a hover to it…

Once you add the link, you click the style tab. Then you have to give is a class name, so you can edit the style. Once you do that, you should be able to edit the color by scrolling down to ‘Typography’. There you have the option to edit the font size, font color, weight, line spacing, etc.

To add a hover, go back up to where you named the class. And RIGHT beside the class name, you should see a little hand icon. Click it. And you should see the drop down menu with the choices: None, Hover, Press, and Focus. Click Hover. Then you just edit it in the same fashion as you did for the original text properties. Only these properties will show up whenever you hover over the link.

I hope this explanation was clear for you. :smile:

I just need to ask the question I guess. I’ve been trying this over and over and it doesn’t work until you reply back to me. Then it starts working. I’m adding you to my “speed dial”

LOL. I know what that feels like…But Im glad I could help.