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Links in link box are blue and I can't seem to override that

I know I am overlooking something so obvious but for some reason I can’t get the blue links to stop. I don’t see where it’s overriding the text to be yellow. I go so long between updating this site so I forget but they want all the tracks to link to iTunes. I put the text box inside a link box and now the box is blue. How do I take that off and make the text yellow like like the second coaster set on this page?
Here is a link to the site and it’s the poemz/muzzic page

If you’re reffering to the POEMZZ/MUZZIC page:

Giving the text span a class and changing the color should work:

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Ah ha! watching your video helped. I actually had created a class for the span but deleted it because when I clicked on the swatch it did not change. I noticed in your video though you slid on the color and when I did that it seemed to work! Go figure! Thanks!


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