Changing a global link color in a CMS collection

Hi, I’m basically just trying to figure out how I can change the color of this link without having to abandon the CMS collection. I assume the only way to do this is to change the global links color but I’m having an issue trying to figure out how to do that. i.e, where it’s pulling this color from (I know it’s our Secondary color, but I can’t find out how to change it for “All Links”) and how I can change it globally.

This most likely has the rich text selector rather than pulling that color globally.

You need to detach the rich text from CMS. After that create a link inside the default rich text. Select that link and click in the top right corner, select the global tag for all links and click on little plus below that which will make it look like the screenshot. It’s important that your Rich text actually has a class, and after this you’ll be able to control all links within that rich text with the style panel.

If you want to update the global links just drop a link anywhere on the page and in the class selector on top right do a click and select “All Links” pink tag and you’ll be good to go (that won’t influence the rich text links if they have been styled via the method above)

Hey Marko,

Thanks for your response. Makes sense, but if I do this, wont I lose the CMS changes from the CMS articles page. I’d have to type in all of the headings and text on the page manually rather than from the CMS collection itself.

There’s no other way I can change it to stop pulling a yellow link? I’m ok with it pulling rich text from CMS if I can just get the global links color changed from yellow to red or orange.

Hey Gavin, the detach process is temporary, just to allow you to style your custom-classed Rich Text element however you want. Once that’s done, re-attach it to the CMS, your data is fine.

One approach I use for this is to create a separate copy of that rich text element, with the same class, on a draft Style Guide page. I keep that one un-bound, and create all of the elements I’ll use in the CMS content, e.g. bullets, blockquotes, links, headings, etc.

That way you can style your rich text more easily.