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Client updating text but the changes aren't "sticking"

Hi all,

So I’m having some pretty major issues with my clients being able to update text. They make the change by editing the text on the page, click publish but when they visit the live site it’s fine. The problem is that when they loaded up the site this morning, the text had reverted back to what it was before they updated the text.

Obviously they’re very frustrated and so am I as this does not reflect well on me at all.

All cookies from Webflow are allowed, caches have been cleared, and there aren’t any extensions interfering either. Oh, and we also tried different browsers.

Any thoughts? The only thing I can think of is that I was working on the design-side of that page and published but it was still showing the old text while I was designing. Perhaps since the text wasn’t updated while I was designing, the old text overwrote the new text when I published it? That would be a pretty major flaw if so.

I did check the back-ups and was able to find the updated text. Not exactly the ideal solution.

If you published it with the old text you would’ve overwritten the new text. I’m pretty sure.

Correct, if there is still a local version open with content that hasn’t been updated by the client, the changes you save will overwrite the changes the client makes.

Edit: I haven’t tested this, but I don’t see how it would work differently. @tmbo1980 - The client is updating non-CMS data (page text), correct?

Hi @tmbo1980 , webflow implemented recently a log of changes.

If the client didn’t save the changes, or had another tab open with the page and the save the changes in the other everything was lost.

Ideally, go into webflow and check the info that was changed. This will help you determine two things:

  1. If the changes were actually saved.

  2. If there’s a backup that could help you get the previous info.

Let me know

Hi @Carlos_Ruiz_Del_Vizo - I think your message was meant for me, OP. But yes, I did check previous back-ups, and the client’s changes were actually saved and published.

I think it all boils down to my misunderstanding on how changes are saved, especially when I have an unrefreshed browser tab open that is showing the older text because I haven’t refreshed the page.

Hey @tmbo1980 sorry for the mistake,

Yes, that’s why is so important to keep track of the webflow tabs open, because you may lose data and changes from one tab to the other.

Why don’t you do a backup? If it was plenty of info, sometimes Is the best thing to do.

@Carlos_Ruiz_Del_Vizo Yup, good call on the back-ups, will definitely be more diligent with that as well making sure I’m regularly updating my Webflow browser tab especially when I know that the client is working on the content of the site.

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