Webflow animations not working after ajax/asyncronous content load


we use async javascript load, to make smooth page transitions without refreshing/reloading the entire page. But this ofcourse causes new elements being entered to the DOM, and therefore the initial webflow animations does not recognize the elements, and therefore - the animations won´t work.

Anybody solved this?

Looked into the js file generated by webflow, but that file is almost 25.000 lines of code, and there are quite a few methods nesting/dependencies. Is there a way to export just the animations javascript code, so that I can re-initiate the relevant animation script after the async/ajax load?

Or is there some other way to solve the need of “re-evoking” animations, after loading elements to DOM after the initial pageload?


Take a look at this post for guidance. Should give you what you need.

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