Change the content right to left

I bought these templates but I need to change them to RTL (Right to left) because I need them for Arabic websites.
What’s the best way to achieve this.


Page/content layout is the reason Graphic Design exists. Since you already sort of had the composition, the best thing you can do is rearrange images / text so that text is on the right and images on the left as opposed to text being on the left/images on the right currently.

You can make sure to also right align your text which can be done in the text edit panel. (this aligns the text to the right edge.
, now it’s aligned to the left)

Bear in mind that this will require a lot of fine tuning and it’s best to have someone who is well aware of the cultural and visual aspects of Arabic culture to yield a successful website.

Can I create a folder for Arabic and duplicate all pages into it, and add sub classes to each component and re align the images and add Arabic text. Then there will be two language website.
One for English and other for Arabic.
When a user clicks on Arabic button then pages with Arabic content will be display.
There will another navigation bar and footer for the Arabic website folder.
Can i achieve this?
If yes then there can be another simple way to do this?


Regardless of how you choose to go about your development, the actual layout design needs to keep the primary consumer in mind. i. e. if 80% of the customers are going to consume the content in Arabic, it’s best to tailor the design of the website to that demographic and then this guide to translate the content to multilingual options:

Please bear in mind that even if the webflow templates are visually impeccable, they all need to be specifically tailored to your business alongside with other things like CMS/SEO.

I hope this helps. If you need more assistance, I’m down to help you out to fine tune the templates you’ve chosen, for the according compensation.

Thank you very muc for your help

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