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Change the color in override area

Anyone know how to change the text color in the override area but won’t affect the original symbol?

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Welcome to the forum. If you’re talking about Symbole content override, the possibility to override a style is not yet available.

That’s what I was thinking. You think they will come up with this feature in the future? cuz I realized that I need this feature so bad. That will save me so much time!

It is on their roadmap but no date has been disclosed.

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That’s cool. As long as it’s on the list that’s all I care about. :slight_smile:
Thank you!

You’re welcome.

I have the feeling that Symbols have a great and bright future. The past year we got nested symbols and symbols content override. They’re already super powerful.

We know that style override will happen, we also know that Symbols will soon be renamed Components, and along this we will certainly be able to organize them better, and probably to share them better. Maybe — and that’s a supposition — a market of components? There’s so much potential.

Yes! I think “Symbols” is such a great tool and is definitely a life change. Hopefully, they will able be use it in a more flexible and easier way. And open for more accessibility when we have to change the style of it.
“market of components” sounds cool. So there is might be a component library coming up? Wow :hushed:

For as long as I can recall, the notion of “components”, as ensembles you can create, reuse, organize, share and sell has always been publicly talked about. It only makes sense.

Webflow can be seen as slow to bring features — I don’t share this opinion myself, I know they’re prudent. Major feature releases have often been preceded by a refactoring of parts of the app. That’s probably why there’s few bugs for such a complex app. That’s also probably why we don’t have multilanguage yet, or other most requested features: they could be easy to bring quickly, but they could jeopardize the stability of the ensemble, and worse, future innovations.

And no one wants to see Webflow becoming the Lego that Wordpress became, with security and stability issues, and a hellishly fragmented design workflow.

Webflow isn’t just the tool that creates web pages, it’s a full service that I’m using for my entire web business. Features can wait as long as my clients are happy with the ease of use, potential, security, stability and with how fast Webflow can deal with bugs and outages.